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Due to the current health situation, access to some Library spaces and study room seating capacity have both changed, to find out more

Need to work as a group?

3 closed rooms at your disposal, without reservation. Each room has its own use:


salle-groupe2.jpg, by Npailhe


the 10-seat room on the mezzanine is dedicated to workshops, large groups and working with remote teams.

It is equipped with a whiteboard, a video projector and a videoconferencing device.




salle-groupe3.jpg, by Npailhe



the 6-seat room located on the mezzanine allows project group work.

It is equipped with a whiteboard and a sharing screen.





salle-groupe1.jpg, by Npailhe


the 8-seat room on the ground floor offers modular configurations.

In pairs, subgroups, or groups of 8, the furniture is mobile to adapt to your configuration.

It is equipped with a whiteboard and a sharing screen.



4 acoustic modules with 6 seats located on the mezzanine.

Enter these bubbles and enjoy the comfort and tranquillity required by small groups.


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Need to isolate yourself?

5 acoustic modules of 1 or 2 seats set along the walls of the mezzanine.

Concentrate without being confined


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Need more information?

The information desk is located just next to the reception desk, the librarian will accompany you there to answer all your queries (document search, bibliography, reader account, loan services...)



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Want to read?

The reading area on the ground floor is a cosy place to browse a magazine, a comic book or choose a novel. All our entertainement collections are gathered around a few armchairs so as to satisfy your curiosity, your travel plans and your literary desires.

You may also look for one of our comfortable chairs nestled within the scientific shelves and enjoy the peace and quiet.


And of course all the necessary equipment is at your disposal for your computer work, printer/copier, staplers...